Understanding the Unique Properties of the Target Geology

Smart Chemical Services team focuses on understanding the unique properties of your target geology, working with our laboratory partners to evaluate the best tailored fluid system specific to your rock. While other vendors promise a “silver bullet” solution, we all know that doesn’t exist. There is no perfect formula without a process, and Smart is that process.


Working with you to define what operational success is for your business, Smart Chemical Services will provide more than a generic solution. Beginning with the end in mind and using our proprietary geological database, along with collaborative information gathered from all facets of your business, Smart Chemical Services will provide a proposal backed by the Smart Guarantee.

The Smart Process

1. Defining Properties of the Target Geology

Smart Chemical Service’s team of geologist, chemist and laboratory partners evaluate the geology with core sampling, drill cuttings and Smart’s proprietary fluid testing protocol.

2. Evaluating Water

Understanding the sources of water (fresh and recycled) and the most cost effective use for completions.

3. Third Party Testing

Using industry best practices for laboratory testing with Core Lab’s Stim-Lab, evaluating geochemistry properties and chemical response evaluation.

4. Comprehensive Proposal

Based on the information gathered during this process Smart Chemical Services will provide recommendations and cost options for the target geology.

5. Analytics

Analyze well flowback and compare to lab testing and Smart Chemical Services water data base (40,000+) results in Permian Geology.