Production Chemical Solutions

Smart Chemical Services’ production chemicals are proven to reduce costs and improve production.

The Process

Production solutions begin with understanding the specific challenges that you, our customer, are facing. Defining success prior to developing a solution is the beginning of our process. As your comprehensive solutions partner, you can rely on us to begin with the end in mind and use our Smart process to identify the solutions that provide results.

Our process continually monitors the milestones to success, course-correcting when needed to ensure we stay on the established path to meet our end goal (beginning with the end in mind).

Our Production Chemical Suite

Asset Preservation

Smart Chemical Services’s preservation products maximize your assets by reducing production costs and protecting the integrity of your wells.

Corrosion Inhibitors


Oxygen Scavengers

H 2S Scavengers

Iron Control

Production Enhancement

Smart Chemical Services’s enhancement methods stimulate your well, optimize production and reduce overall costs.

Scale Inhibitors

Paraffin Inhibitors/Solvents



Phase Separation

Smart Chemical Services’s demulsification formulations elevate the separation process and minimize downtime.

Emulsion Breakers