Custom oil and gas production chemicals that deliver failure reduction, production enhancement, and analytics-based solutions

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We offer technology, service, optimization, and application expertise.

In order to get the results you’re looking for with your assets, we begin by reviewing the current challenges you’re facing. Our production chemicals for the oil and gas industry are geared to ensure the best performance of your well, while lengthening the life of your resources.

Benefits of working with Smart Chemical Solutions

1. Asset preservation

Our chemicals ensure you maximize equipment longevity and minimize risks. We focus on supporting safe operations and avoiding any environmental hazards.

2. Production enhancement

We review the specific requirements of your well in order to assess and solve the problems you’re experiencing. We provide chemicals that will enhance production at a high level.

3. Failure reduction

With strong monitoring programs to justify chemical efficacy, we review trending data to be proactive instead of reactive. We also conduct product testing in the lab for product selections.
In order to arrive at the right formula for your production application, we use our expertise in the industry coupled with our lab’s testing and sampling capabilities. As a result, the oil and gas production chemicals we create for your well enhance performance at every step.

The Smart Chemical difference

Application and service knowledge
With decades of experience under our belt working with the leaders in oil production, we understand what it takes to enhance this phase of the oil and gas lifecycle.
As a science-first organization, the numbers guide every step. We consistently analyze the results and make pivots as needed to arrive at your goals.
Technology and adaptbility
Our team can quickly evaluate and formulate chemistries to solve any challenge.

Imagine the effects of a custom product on your business

SWD’s (saltwater disposal wells): We offer chemical selection through product testing and monitoring to maintain low injection pressures, total suspended solids, and oil carryovers. This provides inhibition against corrosion, scale, iron sulfide, bacteria, and pad growth.

Pipeline integrity: To ensure the longevity of your pipeline, we offer inhibition against corrosion, scale, iron sulfide, bacteria, and organics.
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Reduce your overall costs while improving production at your well with custom production chemicals for the oil and gas industry.

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